Brew Guides


We have designed our basecap and jug with approximate volumetric guidelines, or as we like to call them ‘Brewlines’. These are designed to help you brew without the need for a scale if you want to be more precise with your coffee and brew water ratio.

The basecap and jug feature small indentations at the half fill measure and the top of the stainless steel wall in the jug marks the maximum fill line and the top of the stainless steel cup in the basecap marks the maximum fill line.



When brewing you can choose between a half measure or a full measure:


  •  The half measure ratio is 15 grams of coffee (basecap) and 250 grams/ml of water (jug). 
  • The full measure ratio is 30 grams of coffee (basecap) and 500 grams/ml of water (jug).


You can also download a copy of our Brew Guide & User Manual here